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/basic technology of modified plastics
basic technology of modified plastics 2021-07-03

TPU is a mature environmental protection material with high tension, high tension, toughness and aging resistance.TPU has been widely used in electronic appliances, industrial and sports, etc., it has unmatched by other plastic materials, high strength, good toughness, wear-resisting, cold resistant, oil resistant, water resistant, ageing resistance, weather resistance and other properties, at the same time, he has high waterproof moisture permeability, wind, cold, antibacterial, mouldproof, heat preservation, anti-ultraviolet radiation and energy release many excellent features.

TPU modified plasticis to change the properties of plastic, the basic technology includes:
1, enhancement: glass fiber and plastic blend to increase the mechanical strength of plastic.
2, filling: mineral filler and plastic blend, so that plastic shrinkage rate, hardness, strength and other properties are changed.
3, toughening: by adding toughening agent to the common plastic blend to improve the toughness of the plastic, toughened modified product: rail gasket.

4, flame retardant: add flame retardant to ordinary plastic resin, can make plastic with flame retardant properties, flame retardant can be one or several flame retardant compound system, such as bromine + antimony series, phosphorus series, nitrogen series, silicon series, and other inorganic flame retardant system.

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